That is so rad! (causette) wrote in icon_tutorial,
That is so rad!

ImageReady problem

I need help with Adobe ImageReady 9.0.

I have been creating a lot of animated graphics lately and I keep running into the same annoying problem. Sometimes (what appears to be very randomly) when I open an .avi file in IR, all that the clip shows me are white frames of DOOM!, as you can see on this screen capture of the whiteness *hisses*

It only happens with some .avi files and I can't find a pattern as to why I get the white frames. I have uploaded the tiny clip I was trying to work with when I took the screen capture HERE and I would really appreciate it if someone else tried to open that same clip in their IR to see if it's just a problem with the clip or if it's something to do with my IR.

So yeah, if someone knows of an explanation to why some .avi files don't work and might even know how to fix this problem, I would be so thankful!! I have a few clips I really want to work with and it's a total drag if there is no way to fix this :(

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