Olivia (musical_apple) wrote in icon_tutorial,

( + Extra Result)

Tutorial #1. Should be able to be used for all programs.
+++ EASY TUT +++


NOTE: This isn't the exact tutorial because I deleted the file, but someone asked for a tut. so I did the best I could.

Step 1. Duplicate Base. Gaussian Blur. Hard Light 86% (I did this because the orginal image was kinda low quality)

2. I flipped this texture and used it on screen.

found on wicked_avis

3. I merged all and made a new layer. Filled with   1D3A67   and used exlusion on someware around 86%.

4. I used this texture on.... overlay... I think. It might have been hardlight.

made by ??? credit to whoever made it

5. I  added a border and some text. The small text was created by wicked_avis too, I think.

Other things made with this tutorials style


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