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My first icon tutorial!

From this: to this:

Done in Photoshop CS, but easily translatable...

Select your base (Sharpen it a little, if you want)

Duplicate the base layer and set it to soft light

Create a Fill Layer and fill it with FEE5EB
Set this layer to [b]Multiply[/b] and fiddle with the opacity

Create another Fill Layer and fill it with 0060FF
Set this layer to saturation and set the opacity as 30-40%

Create a Selective Coloring adjustment layer and set as follows:
Reds -40, 0, -30, -40
Blues 100, 100, -100, -80
Magentas 100, 100, 100, 100
Neutrals 40, 15, 30, -15

Now take this light texture, that I created and copy and paste as a new layer

Set the light texture to color burn

Then take this simple light texture and copy and paste as a new layer

Set the light texture to [b]screen[/b]

Once you've completed all these steps, add in whatever text you'd like...
I used a tiny text brush created by Elliptica along with some text.
Then merge all the layers together, and duplicate the merged layer.
On the top layer, reduce the saturation completely. Then set the layer to lighten

And that's your finished product!

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