a little lost (kell77) wrote in icon_tutorial,
a little lost

please help with photoshop 7.0 problem!

I'm so frustrated with my adobe photoshop and I'm reaching out for some help.  I've checked the mems and I didn't see anything that helped me so I'm posting my problem in hopes some of you can walk me through the process to get my lovely photoshop back.  

The problem:
Adobe photoshop 7 suddenly stopped loading the other day.  When I clicked on the icon to start it up it acts as if it's loading but then suddenly disappears and won't fully load.  The only way I can get it to come on at all is opening it by right clicking and running it as the admin but then it won't allow me to open any previous documents.  

I've tried:
removing/uninstalling the program and reinstalling it but it hasn't helped.  

I'm so frustrated and any help you could offer would be great.  I've had the program for at least 7 months and it's always worked great... I don't know what the problem could be.

Thank you

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