Tess (kiakaha) wrote in icon_tutorial,

First Colouring Tut

So This is my first tut and if it doesnt make sense let me know and ill try and clarify it :)
I use PS CS2

Today we are using the Beautiful Ola Salo form The Ark 

We are from from  --> To -->

Duplicate your base 2 times.
Set the middle one to Screen 55% with a Gaussian Blur set at 3
Set the top layer as Soft light

Hue/Saturation Layer.
Set the Saturation to 15

Selective Colour Layer.
Reds: M = 20
Yellows: C = -100
                 Y = -62
Whites: C = -100
              M = -24
               Y = 18
Blacks: C = 100
               Y = -26

Other Examples:
 ~  ~

Please tell me what you think of it :)


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