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Tutorial #3: Coloring

So i made an icon and thought i would share how I made it because i like the simplicity of the techniques.
Go from to
(credit to screencap paradise for the image)

Best for red images, examples under the cut.
uses cs, translatable, no selective colour, uses color balance, translatable, easily understood by all, locations explained, psd file included.

[edit] this works best on red images as was pointed out to me. here are examples with non red images:

to has a bit of blue cast.

to has a lot of blue cast [/edit]

1. Take the base image and do the following steps:
  • Image>adjustments>auto contrast
  • Image>adjustments>auto levels
  • Image>adjustments>auto color
2. Duplicate the base image and set to screen 25% oppacity

3. Merge all layers. you now have the new base image we will be using.

4. Duplicate this new base 3 times and set to (1) softlight, (2&3) screen.

5. Add a new fill layer. Fill with #0B0C32 and set to exclusion.

6. Add a new fill layer. Fill with #FFFFFF and set to mulitply.

7. Go to layer>new adjustment layer>colour balance, use the following settings:
  • Midtones; -43, 0, 0
  • Shadows; +3, 0, +19
  • Highlights; -29, 0, 0

8. Crop into an icon. Select the top screen layer and go to filter>sharpen>sharpen. Then go to edit>fade sharpen and fade by 50%

please right click and save as for this psd as it is on my webserver  and i dont really want to remove it or go over my bandwidth.
Colouring 3 tutorial PSD

other examples using this technique:

i havent had chance to make any more, sorry.
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