★ slowly twisting the lilac stalks (aetherae) wrote in icon_tutorial,
★ slowly twisting the lilac stalks

Saving help? D:

Hey there fellas. :B Anyways, I'm having a problem saving my graphics into a .png format. I searched through the memories but couldn't find anything about my problem. Forgive me if I just skimmed it over and have wasted your time.

So, when I try to save my file (standard procedure; file, save as) it will not go through or something. I click the newly saved image to look at it, but instead see "No preview available." I do not get the usual message of whether or not I'd like to interlace the options, and I believe I got a message earlier about some kind of error. Can anyone help?

Pics for if you don't understand ==> 1 2

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