facepalm.jpg (ex_wut78) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Seriously obnoxious problems.

I've been having these problems for a while now. It's weird because they're on and off.

Sometimes, after I've already copied something(as in, a previous texture), when I go to copy and paste something new, the old copy gets pasted instead. They only way I've found to temporarily fix this is by clearing the clipboard and opening the newer texture in photoshop, copying it, and pasting it then.

Another problem I have just started recently. When I go to type text, I'll have it at.. let's say 6. However, instead of size 6 font, it's HUGE. Like, almost size 72-ish. Maybe even bigger. I have no idea what to do about this one except change the numbers into decimals in order to get a normal sized font.

Any suggestions? Help?

I'm using Photoshop CS2, by the way.

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