【 ☆ maria 】 (aswindblows) wrote in icon_tutorial,
【 ☆ maria 】

Saving and faded colours (Photoshop)

Hi, i've a question for the Photoshop users (more specifically, CS2, but I'm pretty sure this applies to all).

This icon I'm using was originally more vivid, with higher contrast (like, put under higher saturation and then softlight-ed) but when I uploaded it, it came out like this!

I've tried upping the saturation and multiplying before uploading, to 'balance it out', but it still comes out this faded.

I'm using a MacBook, so does that affect how I see colours? Does that mean that in Windows, this comes out very vivid?

This has never happened before, and I've been saving in .png format as always. I didn't do anything different from other icons, and I don't see my other icons differently.

If you can help, I'd be so grateful! Thanks very much!

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