Amanda (dutchwaffle) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Heather Marks Tutorial

Turning this into  or
Using Photoshop CS2. None translatable.

1. Take your photograph and crop it to 100 x 100 px. I googled a picture of Heather Marks.
2. Duplicate this layer and drag it to the top. Set the blend to Soft Light 100%. Repeat the process, but set the blend of the second copy to Screen, 50%.
3. Create a new layer, and fill it with #0a043e (navy). Set this layer to Exclusion, 100%.
4. Stamp (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E) everything into a new layer, and desaturate it (Ctrl+Shift+U). Set this layer to Soft Light 100%.
5. Using the toolbar, Layer+New Adjustment Layer+Selective Color: 
Note that the adjustments may be different according to the image used. Fool around with it. :]

Cyan: +94
Magenta: +47
Yellow: -26
Black: +30

Cyan: +66
Magenta: -25
Yellow: +50
Black: -14

Cyan: +100
Magenta: +100
Yellow: -100
Black: +100

Cyan: +100
Yellow: -44

Cyan: +59
Magenta: +13
Yellow: -11

6. Flatten all layers. This just makes things easier in the long run. If you don't like to save your work flattened, just do so temporarily.
7. Crop a section of this texture from (edited by mychemical_lust) and paste it as a new layer underneath the flattened layer. Try and position it off-center; I put mine on only the left half of the icon behind Marks.
8. Erase the background, if any, that would be covering the texture from the flattened layer.
9. Stamp the image again, and set the layer to Screen 40%.
10. You can stop there - this step is optional. If you want more texture and less white to the icon, then paste this paper texture I googled over the icon, and set it to Linear Burn 45%.

Done! I love to see other results, and I adore comments. ^^

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