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its my first tutorial so enjoy!
level of difficulty: easy

Tutorial #1 Hakuna Matata

this is just a tutorial i made using PSPX i think it will work fine in other programs because it is a fairly simple tutorial but i really have no idea

1. so we have our base. first, i used this brush:

in this color:#160868
and stuck it in the middle of the image.

2. your image will look very weird now. you must resist the temptation to make it look unweird. it will turn out normal i promise. you should still only have 1 layer. duplicate that layer and set it on screen opacity 77%.

3. duplicate your base again, bring it to the top, and set it to hard light opacity 77%.

4. make a new layer. layers>new raster layer. fill it with #160868 and set it to exclusion opacity 81%.

5. we are going to take this texture:

from immoral and set it to overlay opacity 97%.

6. duplicate the base layer and bring it to the top. set it on hard light opacity 77%.

7. next we are going to take this light texture:

by anais_dirge and set it to screen opacity 100%

8. now for the hard part. go to layers>new adjustment layer>hue/saturation/lightness and use these settings:
master- saturation +15
greens- saturation +23
cyans- saturation +34
blues- saturation +28
set this layer to normal opacity 100%.

9. add your text. i used the font 28 days later size 14 kerning 50.

10. then i merged all layers, and added a 1px dark bluish almost black color(#040317) border.

and your done!

i hope the tutorial was easy to understand but ask me questions if you are confused!</ljcut>

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