. (beijing) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Sooo, before I forget I'm using PSCS.

Basically, I made myself a new user info banner, which I have underneath the cut as it's a bit large. I've been using various versions of Photoshops for the past four years, and PSCS since it's release and I've never had this problem before. I don't know, maybe it's my eyes. When I flattened the image and saved it as a .jpg, the font seemed to get rougher and more pixilated. It's the most noticeable on the t. So I'm wondering, what do I do to make it a lot smoother, but still readable (or as readable as that font is?). I tried blurring it, but it made it completely illegable. I know it's a tiny thing, but it bugs me... I like a smooth font.


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