Chloie (go_clo) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Tutorial #4 - Frame creation for animation

this tutorial is a little different then alot of animation tutorials out there.

Now unlike most tutorials having to do with animation, this one will be more focusing on explaining the frames portion of the animation, then the actual animation part it self. Alot of talking about layers and actions and such.... I will basically be explaining how to get to the animating part, the "build-up" in other words so this tut should all be taking place in photoshop. If you need help with the actual animation part, check out the link I'm posting below to a tut by guest_age  

Before I continue, I would like to thank and credit guest_age  @ beth_icons  for making THIS tutorial which partially helped me with making my base and choosing the right size for everything and helping me make my icons look as smooth as can be. :D And thanks to heart_secret  @ fireworkslove  for making THIS tutorial which helped me make the best caps ever! XD



- Please do not claim as your own.
I don't mind you not crediting but if someone asks how you made the icon, point them towards this tut! 

- Do not copy exactly
I love to share my skills but please do not take the same pic, crop it exactly, follow the tut guide lines and claim that you made it! Thats just stupid! 

- Other Thing's To Know
- Made in Photoshop 6.0 and Image Ready
- Actions portion of the tut requested by 23568  
- Newbie Friendly
- Image heavy

Take advantage of my knowledge this way...!

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