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kate eyes tutorial

TUTO.jpg picture by MaJox

- Made with PS CS2
- Includes color balance

Works better with eyes involved, like this nice Kate Walsh one ^.^

I had already written a tutorial of this for a friend, so I figured I'd post it here if someone wants to use it.
Please remember not all tutorials work with all images because of the colors, shadows etc... but it should work just fine ;)

Ok so first crop the image to 100 x100
If you image is too dark, duplicate it and screen it as many times as needed.

I used THIS one

Then create a color balance layer (Layer - New Adjustment layer - color balance) 
Shadows:   -76   -46    -55
Midtones    -40   -10    +15
Highlights   -10    -10   -20
1.jpg image by MaJox

Duplicate that color balance layer  (Ctrl + J ). So you'll have two of the same color balance layer.
2.jpg image by MaJox

Then create a new color balance layer...
      (I'm adding it to make her eyes pop a little more)
Shadows    0      0        0
Midtones     0   -20     +99
Highlights   0     0         0
3.jpg image by MaJox

Create a new fill layer with #e4ccba and set it to multiply  (I almost forget that!)
       (I'm creating it to recover her skin color because I don't want her to look like a zombie)
4.jpg image by MaJox

Create a new Hue/Saturation layer...
    (to make it more 'vivid')
Master      0       +12     0
5.jpg image by MaJox

Then add a brightness/contrast layer
Brightness +10
Duplicate that brightness/contrast layer (Ctrl+J)

imlostnow.jpg image by MaJox

I'm almost finished I promise
Go to your base and duplicate it, then put it on top of everything and set it to screen 70%  (depends on the image)
Go to your base again, duplicate it again, put it on top of eeeverything and set it to multiply 50%
and don't forget to sharpen your image!

kateeyes.jpg image by MaJox

Tags: tutorial: colouring

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