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a little while ago, pinkie_sparkles requested help to try and get  a certain kind of coloring. i couldn't seem to reply to her post, so i'm replying here. (sorry for the overall sloppiness of the entry, im pretty new at this)
Her icon:
My Coloring:
Original Picture: 

i couldn't get the coloring exact, but i got pretty close. here is my end product:

here are the steps (there are quite a few, im sure it can be done simpler, but this is how i got it anyway):
1. Duplicate the picture and set to Screen 50%
2. New raster layer - set #BADFF4 to Burn 100%
3. New raster layer - set #150717 to Exclusion 100%
4. New raster layer - set #F4BAED to Soft Light 100%
5. New raster layer - set #C3D6F5 to Burn 100%
6. New layer - Color Balance
Midtones: 30, 0, 0
Highlights: 23, -8, 0
Shadows: -26, 0, 0
7. New raster layer - set #F5D28F to Burn 36%
8. Duplicate the original picture, bring it to the top, de-saturate and set to Screen 40%
9. new raster layer - set #C0C0C0 to Burn 55%
10. Duplicate original (colored) picture, bring it to the top, and set to Burn 12%

Et Voila!


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