dolod (dolod) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Colouring Tutorial

Written in Paint Shop Pro 8

Learn how to go

• From this one

• To that one

  Step 1:
  Layers » New Adjustment layer » Curves, with the following settings:
  (Note: Do not fill out these numbers, but move the line)

  » Input: 45 • Output: 126
  If your picture is already light enough, you had better to choose some lower numbers.

  Step 2:

  Layers » Merge » Merge All (Flatten).


  Step 3:

  Adjust » Hue and Saturation » Automatic Saturation Enhancement, with the following settings:


  » Bias: More Colorful • Strength: Normal

  (If this will give your picture too much, please choose normal for both options.



Step 4:

  Set your blend mode to Exclusion 100%.

  Click the Flood Fill Tool and fill the picture with the colour #320817.


  Step 5:

  Finally, Layers » New Adjustment Layer » Brightness/Contrast, with the following settings:

  » Brightness: 0 • Contrast: 15


  Your result:

  Hope you'll enjoy the tutorial.

  Below this tut you can see some more samples.


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