Etoile (etoilepb) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Mod Post: Rules Refresher!

Dear community,

Although we your mod staff love you all as always, the cycle of questions we need to delete has come around to *headdesk* levels again and I feel the need to remind you:

Don't ask, "who," ask, "how."

As in, the question appropriate for the community is NOT, "Who made the tutorial for this icon?" or, "where can I get these brushes?" or, "I need the *.psd for this."

The question appropriate for this community IS, "How can I... ?"

Also, please remember that "the tutorial for this" is generally the wrong way to ask for help achieving an effect.

This has been a friendly reminder from your "we live to educate" mod staff (well, mostly me, but I'm sure the others would agree in spirit at least :) ).
Tags: !mod posts

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