Laura (elbereth_light) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Trouble with cropping in PS7

First off, I use PS7. 
Secondly, I've tried everything I could think of, then looked through the community memories & couldn't find anything that helped. Sorry if I missed something obvious.
Everything was fine last time I used it (last night) but I discovered something irritating when I tried cropping an image this afternoon.

I copied this screencap into PS and cropped it, just as I've done with hundreds of images. But, unlike every other time, when it cropped I got this annoying 1px semi-transparent border thing inside the image:
(I zoomed in so you can see the border)

And this is a shot of what my PS looks like, just in case it helps.

I've tried numerous images and this happens every time. It's getting frustrating!
So, does anyone know how I can stop that happening?
Thanks in advance.

Edit: Solved, thanks to mia_eileen

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