Nelly (wertica_) wrote in icon_tutorial,

My first tutorial, hope it's helpful :)


1. Color Fill > 1c3966 > Exclusion (I put it to 45%, but note that the opacities wont work the same in every picture so feel free to change them to your liking)

2. Color Fill > baf2e5 > Color Burn (85%)

3. Color Fill > f3f2e1 > Soft Light (45%)

4.Color Fill > fe90b5 > Soft Light (30%)

5. Brightness/Contrast Layer > Contrast: (I used +15)

6. Hue/Saturation Layer > Saturation: (i used +8)

7. Flatten Image

8. Select a soft round brush > ec1c26 > click from 2 to 3 times > Screen 100% > Duplicate Layer > Lighten 100%

9. Merge Down

10. Then add text and what not. (the font I used is called "Violation")

And you're done! ^___^

made by using the same technique

more at wertica_icons

I'd love to see your results!

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