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Messed Up Text?

I'm not sue what's going on with my Photoshop CS but for some reason, my text is wigging. I tried searching Memories but I'm not exactly sure what I should be searching under, anyway. Originally, my problem was that whenever I tried to type anything at say, 6 pts. it came out massive and quite obviously not 6pts. I found out that this was due to the resolution, so I changed it to 72 or whatever. When I typed on that icon, it was fine. However, when I went to do another, for some reason, if I have too much text to fit in one line, it just keeps typing into nowhere. o.o It never drops down to the next line and if I hit enter, it STILL doesn't drop.

Do you guys have ANY idea of how to fix this? I really would like to know. =)

Edit: Fixed. Apparently, after changing the screen resolution, it'd be wise to check that the line spacing hasn't changed, either =3
Tags: graphic effects: text

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