calicocat9 (calicocat9) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Shiri Appleby tutorial

Going from to
using PSP8 (may not be transferrable)

** Disclaimer for images, textures, brushes, etc. – I’ve collected a lot of these over the past year or so, and have no idea what belongs to whom, or is that who? Anyway, if you see something that you created, or know who created it, let me know and I’ll give proper credit.

Here’s my base which is pretty dark, so...

1. Duplicate 3 times and set all to Screen 100 and then merge all

2. Go to Enhance Photo, Auto Contrast, Dark/Normal/Bold

3. Go to Adjust, Sharpness, Unsharp Mask, 1/35/0

4. Duplicate and Desaturate (Shift + H, saturation -100) and set to Soft Light 100. Merge, and I got this...

5. Enhance Photo, Auto Color Balance – all the way to blue 9300, back to
Enhance Photo, Auto Saturation – more colorful, strong, skintone present.
Repeat those two steps two more times and I got this...

6. Go to Layers, New Adjustment Layer, Color Balance, make sure Preserve Luminance is checked.
Midtones: -45, 0, 45 – do not click OK yet
Shadows: -25, 0, -15
Highlight: -10, 0, -20
Now click OK, merge, and I got this...

7. Place this texture as a new layer and set to lighten. Take the dry eraser, size 35, rotation 45, opacity 43, and erase the portion that covers Shiri.

8. Add this light texture as a new layer and set to Screen 65

9. Add this light texture as a new layer and set to Screen 100 and slide the streaks a bit closer to Shiri; the place the same light texture as a new layer again and set to Screen 100 and slide a bit to the left.

10. Merge all and go to New layer, adjustment layer, curves: do not click ok until all numbers are entered
RGB: Point 1: Input 185 Output 201
Point 2: Input 49, Output 41
Red: Point 1: Input 198, Output 195;
Point 2: Input 60, Output 48
Now click OK

11. Merge all, go to Enhance Photo, Auto Saturation, more colorful, strong. And I got this...

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