Susan (albur_lily) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Trying to find a background...

Please excuse this post since it really has nothing to do with icons, but I've been searching for this background for well over a week without success, and hoped that the knowledgeables here may be able to help!

I'm attempting to redo my layout, but I can't go much further without a particular background to finish it off. I remember using it a couple of years ago and stupidly didn't save it.

I found the background I needed over at kirabutler's journal, but it has been edited and 'patched' into another background in order to make a new one. (If you go take a look, you'll see what I mean). I have asked her politely if she may know where to find it, but as of yet, I have received no reply. Below is a better view of the background pattern that I am after.

Free Image Hosting at

If anyone knows where I may be able to find a clean, unedited version of it (in any colour, it doesn't matter since it can be adjusted) then I would be so utterly grateful.

Please accept my apologies for this not being an icon specific post, but I couldn't think of who else to ask!

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