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My First Avatar Tutorial

 Were going from this  to this

Just a little something i made up today

First Get your image i used this one

Than i Sharpend it once

After that duplicate the base and set it on screen with and opacity of 100

Than Duplicate that screen layer twice and set both on 54 
 i know it's bright but you'll see when im done 

Next you duplicate the base layer bring it to the top and set it on softlight
It should look like this


Now Duplicate the base layer again and set it to exclusion at 100 with this color (#0B1D35)

Next duplicate the base layer again drag it to the top and set it on overlay with the opacity at 46 but also add this color to it (#F9DE61)

Now click on layers than new adjustment layer and than curves

Go to blue and enter this

input 00
output 187

Input 00
Output 157

Than you set that layer on color

Than take your base layer duplicate it twice set them on the top and both at hardlight and than your done if you don't like it you can play around wit some more

Examples of other avatars i made with this


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