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Animation Problem - Goes Slower Than It's Suppose To.

Whenever I make an animation, it goes slower than it's suppose to.

I'm using Animation Shop 3.
When I put in 1 sec for the time thing and preview it, it goes fine.
When I go to save it, it's slow, almost like I saved it as 5 seconds but I didn't.

I also use ImageReady (at school though)and it does the same thing.
My image sizes aren't that big either (I think).
There's one set of frames that is 250px x 100px
and another set that is 270px x 152px. This set has 360 frames xD

So I'm wondering do the frame sizes affect the speed of the animation?
If so, what's a reasonable size for an icon and just a normal gif?
Do the number of frames matter as well?

I have checked tried checking the memories but my Net is running incredibly slow lately~


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