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"Soft Glow" Effect Tutorial

Going from


using Paint Shop Pro 9.

01. Adjust - Softness - Soft Focus. Softness 30%, Edge Importance 20%. Everything under "Halo" should be set to 50%.
02. Using "Soften" Brush, smooth out the face to your liking (you may skip this part).
03. Adjust - Color Balance - Fade Correction. Set to 30%.
04. Adjust - Brightness/Contrast - Highlight/Midtone/Shadow. Select "Relative Adjustment Method".
-----Shadow: 20
-----Midtone: -7
-----Highlight: 100
05. Copy Image, then click "Undo". Paste Copied Image as New Layer. Set to Hardlight 30%.
06. Merge all.

You're done!!

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