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Gossip Girl tut - PSP7

Program? PSP7
Translatable? Yes
Easy? Way


Another example:


Aqua colored icons are my favorite. :) Here's a simple way of getting there:

Duplicate your base, set it to Screen. Mine is at 50.

Make a Color Balance layer:

SHADOWS: 0, -29, 0
MIDTONES: -100, 0, 39
HIGHLIGHTS: 26, 0, -18

Set it at Color. Duplicate it.

Duplicate your base and drag it to the top, set to Soft Light at 30-40. Mine is at 40.

Next is a Hue/Saturation/Lightness layer.

Saturation is set 12. Set this layer to Color at 100.

Now, we'll need a light texture like this -> or just use this one and make adjustments. Hehe.

Set to Exclusion at 100.

That should be it. :) But if your base is too blue, make another Color Balance layer:

Midtones: -100, 0, 0, set it to Color at 100.

NOTE: This is a very simple tutorial to get that type of coloring. The only downer is that it only works in colorful outdoors, well lit bases that don't have a lot of blacks and browns. Hehe, I know. But otherwise it just turns blue.

Examples [with bases.]




God Bless.

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