Diana Tenou (dianachan) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Diana Tenou

Scatterd light tutorial-Help

Hello every one =) again.

I'm working with a tutorial from this comunity here

I've used it before and I didnt have a problem then, but, trying to do it again now, i seem to hit a snag.

Following the directions, I've put my settings as described in the tut, but when I click to have my dots scattered (as described in the tut) it wont do it, at all.

I've screen caped part of the tut and what my Brush window looks like ^^; can some one point out what I'm doing wrong?

I'm using PS CS 2

(click to enlarge, it's a fairly big image though)

I should probably stop doing things so late/early ^^; hope some one can help me though!


Solved! Thanks hawke_sideways !

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