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Angela Aki icon tutorial!

I'm very new in this tutorial thing. When I first started using Photoshop (2-3 years ago), I just saved all the textures and brushes without crediting them. I'm so sorry! So, I really don't know who to credit. Please tell me who made them if you know! Then I'll edit my post. Please! I'm so sorry!! ='(

So, here's my 1st tutorial. I hope you all will like it! =)

From   to

1. First off, grab your base. My base (base by me) is from the videoclip of Sakurairo by Angela Aki. Do whatever you want to brighten the picture. I usually use Levels, Brightness and Contrast and I'll also sharpen the picture.

2. After messing with the base, add  (by ???) set it to SCREEN 100%.

3. Then, I added  brush. Rotate to fit. you can out it anywhere you like.

4. Then, create a new layer and fill with #000055 and set it to EXCLUSION 100%.

5. New layer, fill with #abf9ff and set it to COLOR BURN 100%.

6. New Layer, fill with #ffc7f2 and set it to SOFTLIGHT 100%. Actually you all can play around with the opacity. Depends on the image you use. =)

7. Now add  (by lifeisdolce) and set this to PINLIGHT 100%.

8. Next, create a new layer and put in your text. Mine is "MY DREAMS CAME TRUE" and put it anywhere that suits your picture. =)

9. Now, duplicate your background and drag it all the way to the top. Go to FILTER > BLUR > GAUSSION BLUR. Set the radius to 1 pixel. Set the duplicated later to SOFTLIGHT.

10. Last step! Add  and set this layer to SCREEN 100%. You can add borders if you want! xD


Please show me your results!! =D Comment pleaseeee!! =D


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