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Enhancing blue eyes...

Hellooo!! I apologise, all I seem to be doing at the moment is asking you guys for advice, but you’re all so good at it that I can’t stop myself =)

Now, I wanted icon this picture of myself image hosted by My aim for the picture was to really enhance the colour of my eyes, lips and glasses, so I thought I’d try this tutorial and I came up with this image hosted by Now, I absolutely love the colour of my eyes, lips and glasses in this picture, I wanted them to be all woah, which I think they are, but I am not happy with my skin tone. I am not very good with fiddly things, so I try and stay away from brushes… What else can I do to achieve this sort of look, but keep my natural skin tone (which in real life is uber pale), but have my skin look really fresh and dolly like (tell me you know what I mean lol)

Any other tutorials people can suggest that enhance blue eyes? I tried colour balance myself, but I ended up making myself look like an alien lol.

Thanks =)

Tags: colouring: miscellaneous, program: photoshop
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