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Made on CS3 but as far as I'm aware it's translateable YEEY

Ok, so I took this cap of little Sammy from HERE

I screened the original twice and then copy-merged (ctrl+alt+shift+e on PS, not sure on PSP but if you can't do it then just merge all then duplicate) then set that to soft light on top.

Then I added a hue/satuation layer on main saturation +34, it will be different for all images.

Aw, look his cheeks are getting rosey.
Now, I'm going to add a Channel Mixer layer which I almost never do but it's more subtle than colour balance.

+130, -40, +24
+12, +93, +12
-13, +35, +77

See, when you use colour balance sometimes you get this kind of colorize effect, which just looks like a big bland bit of colour. Channel Mixer is like selective colour for PSP users without the great effects, just subtle. But you can still do alot with it, similar to curves in that respect.

Speak of the devil.. here we go with some curves.
input: 93, output: 123
input: 180, output: 156

Aw look Sammy looks a bit cold now.

Final step

And another curves layer, this time go on reds.
input:0, ouyput:123
so it's like a diagonal line..

set this layer to softlight, you might want to change the opacity but I didn't.

And ta-daaah!

This doesn't work for all images, mainly just dark caps etc.. which is what I can never find good tuts for! So I hope you all like it and pleaaase post your attempts, and feel free to manip the tut a bit if you need to.


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