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Switching between Image Ready and Photoshop CS2 - frame problem

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry I don't have a tutorial for you to enjoy but instead a question to ask.
After looking through the memories and not finding anything that looked like being of any help to me I decided to ask here. So, on to the real problem:

When I work on an animation in Image Ready everything's fine until I switch to PS to sharpen the individual layers. After working on the picture I select the bottom layer and switch back to Image Ready but the frames aren't in a coherent order anymore. Instead I usually have the bottom layer I selected in PS in every single frame. This isn't really a problem with small animations but everything above 10 frames tends to be really annoying. I have to do the animation again by hand and that's time and brain cells consuming I tell ya.

Is there a way to keep the animation from messing up? Do I have to select a differen layer in PS? I tried everything I could think of but it always get's messed up. I'm trying to make a mood theme but like this, I can't see myself completing it anytime soon.

Every help is highly appreciated and I'm gonna post a tutorial as a reward (or I will do anyway I guess). Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice rest of your weekend (if it still is Sunday like here). ♥ Tina =D
Tags: animation: animated gifs, animation: file size optimisation, animation: mini movies, animation: miscellaneous, program: imageready, program: photoshop

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