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stock tut.

[sorry about the last one, I totally forgot about the size rule!]

from this: to this:

under the cut. [:



*note this is a tutorial that was made from a stock picture, I have NO clue how this will work on regular icons.*

step one: get your base. 
step two: duplicate your base two times, set the bottom one to soft light, and the top to hard light [both at 100% opacity]
step three: new adjustment layer - curves, type in these settings.
O: 115
I: 130
O: 124
I: 101
O: 117
I: 109
O: 165
I: 132
step four: new adjustment layer - levels, type in these settings.
I: 10
O: 5
I: 14
O: 21
I: 10
O: 14
I: 20
O: 40step four: new adjustment layer - hue/saturation; type in these settings.
0, +12, 0
B: 0, -20, 0
step five: new adjustment layer - selective color
N: -20, +10, +100, -20 [your going to have to adjust the opacity if your using a regular icon.]
step six: take this texture: [made by sanami276 over on lj] and set to darken 14%.
step seven: take this texture: [also by sanami276][move it around a little] and set to soft light 40%
step eight: take this texture: [made by me] and set to lighten 26%
step nine: duplicate texture in step eight, and set to color burn 26%
step ten: take this scratch texture:  [forgot where i got it from] and set to lighten 100%
step eleven: take this other scratch texture:  [i think it was made by sanami276] and set to color burn 100%.
step twelve: take this light texture: [made by me] and set to lighten 50%step thirteen: make a new layer, get a nice soft brush and get a orange color [fd6e21] and brush over a little on the top left hand corner. [like i did.]
step fourteen: merge all layers.


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