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Atonement Tutorial

How to go to from

I use PS CS2.

First get your picture. I got mine here.

Go to Image>>Adjustments>>Auto Color. Then take your base and duplicate it and set it to Screen and set the Opacity to 50%.

Duplicate the base again and bring it on top of the Screen layer. Set this one to Softlight at Opacity 100.

Go to Layers>>New Adjustment Layer>>Hue/Saturation.
Master: +11

Go to Layers>>New Adjustment Layer>>Brightness/Contrast
Brightness: +17

Go to Layers>>New Adjustment Layer>>Selective Color.
Reds: -100, +100, +100, 0
Yellows: -100, -43, -27, 0
Whites: 100, 0, 83, 0
Neutrals: -11, -12, -7, 0

Go to Layers>>New Adjustment Layer>>Color Balance.

-32, +22, -26

+21, -2, +13

-9, +4, +28

I added this light texture and erased the parts that were covering the main parts of the picture and just left the upper right dots. I set it to Screen at Opacity 88%.

Go to Layers>>New Fill Layer>>Solid Color. Put 2a0808 as the color. Set it to Exclusion but keep the Opacity at 100%.

I used a this grey texture. I moved it around so it was covering on a little bit of the actual picture and positioned it on the lower half of the icon.

After that I put this texture and I went Edit>>Transform>>Flip Horizontal. I set it to Softlight at Opacity 100% and erased the stuff that was cover the actually picture.

And lastly I this texture. I went to Layers>>Adjustments>>Invert. I then set it to Screen at Opacity 100%.

I don't remember who made these textures, if you do know, let me know. Hope it was easy to follow. If you have any questions feel free to comment and ask me :)

Other icons using this coloring.


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