rachel (crunknwj) wrote in icon_tutorial,

text help!

so i've been using PSP7 for years now (probably about 10 plus years), but i've finally started to use photoshop since i realized it does a lot more things that PSP doesn't do. i've gotten good at figuring certain things out, but i can't figure this out for the life of me. and it's the easiest thing ever that i KNOW i'm going to headdesk once someone tells me how to do it.

i want slanting text. i know how to do it in PSP7, but text there just doesn't look right. so i want to finally do it in PS.


icon by the fabulous mizzybox

someone please teach me the ways of the slanted text in photoshop. i've looked through the memories already, and the only thing i can find is how to warp text.

eta: I FIGURED IT OUT!!! i actually did it by accident. so for future reference if anyone else is having the issue, whenever you're about to do your text, drag the cursor so it makes a box. you can rotate that box, then just click on your layer to make it go away. YAY i are smrt lol.
Tags: graphic effects: text

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