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Warm Coloring Tutorial

 Sort of a brownish, Sepia effect, but sharper and with more color.

Going from  to

Uses PSCS2
No selective coloring, but keep your eyes peeled for limitations anyway. I'm unfamilar with other Photoshop programs.

Some things that I did that you might want to keep in mind:
> I didn't crop my image until I had all of the steps done, save for the texture layers (you'll see). I think the colors blend better when you wait.
> I chose a generally neutral picture - one with colors that didn't pop out in any one place. I also wouldn't recomment a highly saturated or red picture.

1. Sharpen the base layer (Filter+Sharpen+Sharpen). Use ctrl+shift+F and fade the sharpening to your liking. I used 60%.

2. Open a new Curves Layer:
Input: 153
Output: 196

3. Open up a new Color Balance Layer:
Midtones: 25, 14, 15
Shadows: 0, -11, 6
Highlights: 5, 4, -10

4. Open a Channel Mixer Layer:
Red: 108, -10, -2, 2
Green: 12, 70, 22, -4
Blue: -14, 16, 88, 4

5. Make a new Fill Layer using #210e2f, set to Exclusion at 100%

6. Make another Fill Layer using #f87670, set to Soft Light at 70%

7. Duplicate your base and drag to the top, set to Soft Light at 100%

8. Make a third Fill Layer using #fde689, set to Soft Light at 30%

9. Make a Fill Layer using #000033, set to Exclusion at 100%

10. Duplicate your base again, drag to the top and set to Screen at 40%

11. Create a new Hue+Saturation Layer:
Master: 0, 10, 0
Reds: 0, 10, 0
Yellows: 0, 8, 0
Greens: 15, -20, 25
Blues: 6, -3, 10

12. Last [official] step! Set a new Fill Layer using #e4e2e0 to Color Burn at 100%. 

(opt) 13. To get the 'after' result I posted, use this texture by [???], set to Screen at 100%. Or you can use scratch textures for an old-photo effect.

Other Examples:


These examples have lighter backgrounds, and the first has more red than I advise, so you know what either options would look like.

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