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2nd Tutorial (30stm) - Amethyst Hues

from to or

[x] Made in PS7
[x] Includes Selective Colouring, Linear/Color Burn Layers
[x] Not Translatable ^^
[x] PSD FILE DOWNLOAD - http://www.sendspace.com/file/zmyp3d
[x] 3 more finished examples (Behind the Cut)

[1] Take your original picture and crop to 100x100 pixels.

[2] Duplicate original layer and De-saturate copy (Shift + Ctrl + U)
Set this layer to Screen 50%

[3] Create New Selective Color Layer

Yellows: -36, +100, 0, -100
Greens: -100, +100, -1, +1
Neutrals: -4, +28, -9, 0

[4] Create New Selective Color Layer

Reds: -65, +43, 0, 0
Yellows: -100, +100, +24, 0

don't worry about the redness of the image / we'll counter that later ...

[5] Create New Hue/Saturation Layer

Select "Yellows" from the drop down menu.
Hue: -15
Saturation: -71
Lightness: +45

[6] Create New Solid Color (Fill) Layer - #EEEEEE
Set layer to Linear Burn 100%

[7] Create New Solid Color (fill) layer - #B8F1F5
Set Layer to Color Burn 100%

[8] Duplicate Base and bring to top of Layers.
Desaturate Base Copy (Shift + Ctrl + U)
Set this layer to Soft Light Opacity 30%

Icon Completed

Optional Step
[9] Create New Solid Color (Fill) Layer - #D3BADA
Set Layer to Lighten 30%

[x] Other Examples


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