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Pothoshop Problem - Text That Won't Appear.

Sorry, I need Photoshop-help. Hope this is the right place.

Because of I-don't-know-what my Adobe doesn't allow me to add text to my graphics or any other file I open with it. I tried to stop it, and then re-open it several times, then restart my laptop, but nothing happened. When I click on the image to put the text, what appears is a still point and nothing else. If I write something it appears in the layers window, but I can't see it on the image.
I thought it was a problem of resolution (and in that case how do you solve it?) but when it happened to me, I usually close-restart Adobe and it kept working perfectly fine.
Maybe I can do something before reinstalling the whole program ;_;

So any help would much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

PS: I have Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Tags: graphic effects: text

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