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Tut #2

Thank you to everyone who commented and tried my tutorial from earlier, I'm flattered.
Here's another and this time it's translatable.
Includes .PSD


Ok, this is weird I NEVER do translatable tuts.. I love a bit of selective colouring ;)
But I was just messing around and decided it didn't really need any.. but I'm sure one of you can find a way to slip it in there if you want.

Get your base:

Screen it, don't soft light it.. well you can I'm not saying you can't but it ruins the softness of the effect methinks.

Then add hue/saturation, master sat +35, or whatever.

New fill layer>>#c3f4ff>>Colour Burn
This step can be risky, as it does add alot of the colour to the image but if your image is dark you might want to put it on a low opacity. For the Sam one it's on full but for the open mouthed Sam & Dean one (below) it's not there at all as the image was too dark.

If you image is too dark and the skin looks all Old Greggish then add:
New fill layer>>#f5e6a8>>Multiply
Don't do this if you don't want to though.

Now for a channel mixer layer:
+111, -9, -7, 0
+13, +80, +21
+16, -18, +124, 0

And a curves layer:
in: 162, out: 145
in: 21, out: 34
set this to soft light

and finally colour balance layer:
midtones: -22, 0, +6
shadows: -15, -9, +4
highlights: +12, 0, -14

and you're done

and here's the .PSD
Please comment if you like the tut (or don't like it .. ahah) and if you take the PSD :)
I'd love to see your results etc etc

Other examples with tweaked settings:


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