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Icon Tutorial #3 (PSP7)

Greetings and salutations, all! Today, we're turning this:

into this: .

From this set photo from Queer as Folk.

First (as always) crop, resize and sharpen.

Then add a brightness/contrast adjustment layer (Brightness=82; Contrast=56) on Soft Light, 100%.

Then we take this texture by colorfilter, mirror it, desaturate it, paste it in a new layer on top (Mode=Hard Light; Opacity=100%) and erase what we don't want to cover the photos.

Then we add a new Curves Adjustment Layer (Blend Mode=Normal; Opacity=100%) with the following settings:
RGB = (0,0) (255,255)
Red = (0,0) (45,91) (130,122) (191,211) (255,255)
Green = (0,0) (255,255)
Blue = (0,0) (67,47) (108,139) (203,182) (255,255)

Then we take this texture by awmp, resize it to 100x100, desaturate it, paste it in a new layer on top (Blend Mode=Soft Light; Opacity=100%) and again erase what you don't want over the pictures.

Then paste this texture by.... someone (if you made it or know who did please let me know!) in a new layer (Blend Mode=Burn; Opacity=100%) and erase what you don't want on the photos.

Then we put a white bar on the top right using the Shapes Tool and put it in its own layer (Blend Mode=Dodge; Opacity=43%).

Then add some white tiny text in its own layer (Blend Mode=Screen; Opacity=64%) on the right by the bar and sideways on the left side.

In a new layer (Blend Mode=Screen; Opacity=77%), we add this brush by colorfilter in white, rotated 90 degrees to the left (I'm sorry, I don't remember what size it was).

Then in another new layer (Blend Mode=Luminance; Opacity=82%) we add this brush, again by colorfilter. Give it a drop shadow with an offset of (1,1), opacity=75%, blur=1.

Then we add the word "Home" in black, Font=Segoe Print, bold, size 11, in its own layer (Blend Mode=Hard Light; Opacity=61%).

Then one more layer (Blend Mode=Soft Light; Opacity=60%) with a 1px black border around the edge.

And we're done!

From this: to this: .

Have fun with it, play around and let me know what you come up with! =)

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