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Selena Gomez tutorial ;D

Going from this to

Made from GIMP so translateable! 
Works best with dark images. 

If you're using a light-ish picture for this tut, I'd prefer to lower down some of the opacity, or the settings. So pretty much it's up to you. :D

1. First duplicate your base, set to softlight

2. Open up Curves:
   RGB: 95, 126
   Red: 80, 120
   Blue: 85, 103

3. Duplicate set to softlight

4. Make a new Layer fill with #cdf2fb and set to softlight 50%

5. Another New Layer fill with #fcd3e8 set to multiply 46%

6. Open up Color Balance:
   Midtones - -47, 29, -49

7. Brightness-Contrast: 
Brightness: -28, Contrast: 17

8. Channel Mixer -
   Red: 106,11,5
   Green: 10,106,-2
   Blue: 13,7,104

9. Duplicate one more time, set to 53%

10. Added this texture:  set to screen

11. Then I added this texture:  set to screen, move it around to your liking 

12. Added this brush:  set to screen again

And you're done!
If any part of this tutorial is too light for you, feel free to lower the opacity, or add a curve layer and make it darker.
Comments would be nice, as well as your results. :3
Feel free to ask questions too!

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