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33rd Tutorial

Well. Third time for the 33rd tut, then?

to or

Made in PSP9
If you use, may I see your results?

Crop and resize your pic to 100 x 100, duplicate base and set to Soft Light 100 %


OPTIONAL: New raster layer, fill with #1f223f, set to Dodge 100 % ((This softens the red a bit; I had this layer on Lupin to make him a slightly bit more pale but the colouring is good either way))


New raster layer, fill with #ead0d6, set to Colour (L) 100%


Duplicate base, bring to top, set to Screen 100%


Now, I added my text in here because of the different endings; I wanted the text to fit in with each colouring. Whether or not you add text - and if you do, when you choose to do it - is yours, but here's what I did:

Remus, dark grey,
FairydustB, size 14 [?], no outline.
Tonight brings the end to the madness within / Quake from the moon and cower in sin, dark grey, Tahoma, size1, no outline [centred] ((again, this is a crummy 5-second poem by moi)).

After I inserted the text, I merged to move on to the options ((following examples are without text)).

A: Without Auto
1) Fade Correction: 5
2) Grey World: 7621


B: With Auto
1) Fade Correction: 5
Grey World: 7621
3) Auto Saturation Enhancement: Bias: Normal;  Strength: Strong; Skintones: present


et voila!


Examples of other icons using this tut:

I don't know why the font has changed throughout this. Anyway, that's my 33rd. Remember to leave a comment if you use it; I'd like to see your results.

This tut and more here @ x-marie-cris-x
Tags: program: paint shop pro, tutorial: colouring

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