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The Two-in-One Tutorial.

So, I decided I wanted to play around with “Difference” as a layer blending mode, because you don't often see it, or at least, I don't ;-D. Anyways, here's what happened:

Just layers, Hue/Saturation and Levels, so I think it's translatable, yes? If not, correct me!

to & to
It's only ONE tutorial, both results! (Even I don't know how that happened...)

Step one: Crop your base ( I usually sharpen at the end)

2: Duplicate base twice, set both to screen 100% Opacity.

3. Create a color fill layer, filled with a dark purple (53264c) and set to Difference 60% Opacity


4. Create another fill layer, this time a greenish yellow (cdec00) set to difference 60% Opacity

Yes, I know it looks really weird, but bear with me.

5. Create another copy of your base, set to screen 100% Opacity and drag to the top.

6. Duplicate that last screen layer, and change it’s settings to softlight 60% Opacity.

7. Another duplicate at Overlay 80% Opacity.

8. Adjustment Layer>> Levels>> RGB at Input levels 17, 2.19, and 187.

9. Color fill with a blue (004eff) at Difference 40% Opacity.

10. Adjustment Layer>> Hue/Saturation>> Master Saturation: +34

Last: Sharpen, Blur, add text/textures, Clean it up, whatever else you need to do.


Yay! We're done :D

Other Results, using slight variations:


I'd love to see some results, if you'd like to share. And if you don't understand anything, feel free to ask!
Tags: colouring: saturation, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring
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