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Okay, so I think this effect looks really cool on most pictures. If there are a bunch of almost black areas in the picture or a plain white background, it might turn out a little weird because one of the steps is a blurred duplicate of your base.  I have no clue if it's translatable, because of the Fill Flash.

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First, you need to prep your image, sharpen, soften skin, whatever you want.

Next, duplicate your base layer.

Go to Adjust>>Sharpness>>High Pass Sharpen and a box will pop up. Set the Radius to 28 and the Strength to 100 and make sure the blend mode is set to Overlay.

Still on the same layer, desaturate it all the way. In PSP you can just hit Shift+L and then set both Hue and Saturation to 0. 

Still on that duplicated layer, go to Adjust>>Blur>>Gaussian Blur and a window will come up. Set the Radius to 8.

Set that layer to multiply at 100%.

Now Duplicate your base again, drag it to the top, and set it to Screen at around 36% opacity.

Next, go to New Adjustment Layer>>Channel Mixer and uncheck the box that says Monochrome. Use these settings:
                         R: 200, -101, -15
                         G: 8, 110, -10
                         B: -15, 6, 112

Now merge all your layers together (flatten your image).

Then go to Adjust>>Fill Flash and set your Strength to 36 and your Saturation to 44. You may need to lower the saturation a bit if your image is already brightly colored. 

And there you go, add text, brushes, sharpen if needed, and you're finished!

Other Results:  

Comments=Love and I'd love to see your results!

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