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James McAvoy coloring tutorial

We start with this image

I basically don't like the coloring so I'm gonna use some selective color, curves and brightness/contrast.

1. first of all layer > new adjustment layer > selective color and this are the setting I've modified:

Reds +25 for the Black
Yellows -22 for the Yellow and -30 for the Black
Whites -100 for the Blacks
Neutrals -5 for Cyan, -6 for Yellow and -17 for Black
Blacks +100 for Black

This are just indications... just play around to get the perfect effect!

2. Now I have added a curve so let's go to layer > new adjustment layer > curves

In this case I'm playing in three different ways for the three mine color... so select the first channel:
RED and point your mouse at Output 114 and Input 142
GREEN point your mouse at Output 136 and Input 128
BLUE point your mouse at Output 146 and Input 120

You can now see al the three curves if you select RBG from the dropdown menu. Mine look like this:

3. Now I want to brighten up the icon so: layer > new fill layer > solid color and the color should be white so #FFFFFF and set the layer to soft light but leave both opacity and fill to 100%

4. Add layer > new adjustment layer > brightness/contrast and set constrast at +72 and leave brightness at 0.

5. Now I have added two patterns to change the contrast/brightness in the icon and they are both set to soft light with opcacity and fill at 100%
Mine look something like this two but you can also uso the round brush to make it apper wherever you need it to be.

An this is it... my layers loo like

And my finale result is

Download the PDS here
Tags: colouring: curves, colouring: selective colouring, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring
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