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Easy Tutorial for Photoshop Elements

This is a tutorial to make a photo to look old fashioned. This is my first time writing a tutorial, so please, bear with me.

First I started out with this base. It's an Anya and Xander picture.

First, go to Image> Mode> RGB Color. Make sure the check mark is right next to the RGB Color. Then choose Enhance> Adjust Color> Remove Color, to remove all the color from your picture. This is how it'll look like if you did it right.

Then choose Enhance> Adjust Color> Color Variations. Make sure it's selected to Midtones. Then click Increase Red, Decrease Blue, and Darken. This is how it'll look like if you did it right.

Then choose Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen. Then choose Filter> Noise> Add Noise. For the amount, anything between 2-8% is okay. On you Distribution box, make sure it's selected to Gaussian. This is the finished look.

You can add any text or border brushes to it, but I wanted it to keep it simple. Hope I helped!
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