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going from img157/4601/28960871pw7.png to  in 5 steps.

made in photoshop cs
no selective color
involves curves 


1. Duplicate your base and go to filter - other - high pass and put the radius to 10.5. put it  layer to soft light
2. Layer - New Adjustment Layer - Curves
     first point;      input: 122; output: 111
     second point;      input: 147; output:148
     and put it to soft light
3. Make a new layer  fill it with #FFDDDD and put it to Colorburn 100%
4. Make a new layer fill it with #E6FEFF and put it to Colorburn 100 %
5. Make a new layer fill it with #A5A5A5 and put it to Soft light 50%

and you're done :) 
if your result is really dark, try use a lighter shade of grey in the last layer fill or change the opacity on the first two :)

other results

img157/5291/s1pd7.png img57/7876/s2hk6.png

Tags: colouring: curves, program: paint shop pro, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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