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Going from this: To this: 

Made in PS 7
Not translateable 

First off take your base, do whatever (sharpen)

1. Duplicate your base set it to softlight 100%

2. Make a new fill layer (Layer>>New Fill Layer>>Solid)
Fill with B8B2B2 set to multiply 100%

3. Duplicate your base set it to softlight 100% and bring it to the top

4. Then open color balance (Layer>>New Fill Layer>>Color Balance)

Midtones: -30,-15,39
Shadows: -16,25,-22
Highlights: 10,-8,-6

5. Make another New Fill layer, and fill with E1DF47 and set it to softlight 100%

6. Then open up a selective color layer (Layer>>New Adjustment Layer>>Selective Color)
And do these settings:

Reds: -100,100,100,100
Yellows: -30,28,-38,7
Neutrals: 35,19,-29,19

7. Then make a new selective color layer with these settings:

Reds: -34,0,100,-8
Yellows: -100,-100,-100,100
Neutrals: 34,-11,-1,6

*OPTIONAL* 8. Open up a Hue and Saturation layer (Layer>>New Adjustment Layer>>Hue & Saturation):
Master: Saturation: 16
Set this layer, to screen 63%

Add text or whatever and you're done!


Other Examples:

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