smartyshortie (smartyshortie) wrote in icon_tutorial,

I hope this is allowed, as this question can pertain to icons as well...

I'm trying to make a background for my computer using photoshop. But every time I put it into the paint program to set it as the background, the paint program tells me that if i want to set it as the background, I have to save it first.

So I tried re-saving, then saving under different names and exiting out of paint and so on...NOTHING...

Does photoshop mess up with the paint program or something?

I've tried different images, ones not made with photoshop, and they work just fine. But as soon as I use an image from photoshop it freaks out and wont let me make it my background.

I'm also wondering if it will affect anything else, like icon-making and stuff...

I use photoshop 7.0
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