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Going from this: 

To this:

Made in PS7
Not translateable
PSD inside

1. Sharpen your base, duplicate your base set to softlight 100%, then go to Gaussian Blur, put radius to 1.3.
*If your base is already sharp, you can skip this step*

2. Selective Color:
Reds: -94,13,100,26
Yellows: 51,4,-14,-34
Neutrals: 7,-5,-20,7

3. New fill layer: fill with 9C784C set to softlight 100%

4. Hue and Saturation:
Master Sat: 25

5. Channel Mixer:
Red: 92,-22,14
Green: -6,102,6
Blue: 0,0,100

6. New fill layer: fill with 260F18 set to Exclusion 100%

7.Duplicate your base, set to softlight 54% and bring to the top

8. Selective Color:
Reds: -21,0,100,18
Yellows: -25,-45,-33,-22
Neutrals: 2,-4,-12,-5

9. Now add this blob texture, made by ?: 
and set to screen 100% Move around to where you want it

10. Last texture: Made by ?
 set to screen, and move it around

And you're done!
I'd love to see your results, and comments!

Other Results: 
* base from



Tags: colouring: channel mixer, colouring: selective colouring, graphic effects: textures, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring
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