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used Photoshop CS2

1. Crop your base,resize to 100x100

2.Create selective color layer with these options:
Reds: -50;+3;+33;+7
Yellows: -100;+1;+29;0
Neutrals: +6;+5;-2;0

3. Now create a new curves layer with these options:
RGB: Input 108;Output 124.
Red: Input 127;Output 112.
Green: Input 125;Output 132.
Blue: Input 131;Output 124

4.Create new Channel Mixer layer with these options:
Red: +80;+36;-4;+4.
Blue: -4;+4;+108

5. Create Color Fill layer or just fill layer with color #06153c .
Set it in Exclusion mode,opacity 19%.

6.Again create color fill layer or fill layer with color #c2b018 .
Set it in Soft Light, oapcity 10% .

7. And finally create the 3rd color fill layer,fill it with color #6ba1ac . Set it in Darken,opacity 30%.

8. Create Hue/Saturation layer with these options:
Master: 0;+25;0
Reds: 0;+30;0
Greens: 0;+10;0

Now if you want sharpen your base.

Here are what I got:

I'd like to see your result,so post it in comment!
Tags: colouring: channel mixer, colouring: curves, colouring: selective colouring, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring
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